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Wälder, die Lungen der Erde

Finding our roots again

An Austrian organization for reforestation

Actually create change with one click

Together we can make the world greener and more social! Choose from different options and do your part!

Neue Bäume pflanzen

Get active!

Creating forests for the next generations



A simple gesture with a big impact

Baum Schenken


A warm attention, for the celebrated and the environment

What we do

Trees Plants Austria

Reforestation in Austria

Instead of giving donations to foreign reforestation organizations, we focus on doing things ourselves. We plant trees with the help of locals in Austria

Donate together


AtTrees for tomorrow The focus is on togetherness. The climate crisis is one of the most complex problems in human history and many want to do something positive, but don't know how. We connect helpers and create an environment of change

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Raising awareness

In our world, it is easy to get lost in the routines and norms. We lose our sense of our surroundings. That's why it's even more important to touch the earth again and find its way back.

Warum wir es machen

Fighting climate change through reforestation:

Climate change is an urgent global challenge. Trees are a proven, cost-effective solution to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and quickly create positive change. Every new tree planted is an important step forward.

Importance of healthy forests:

Healthy forests, whether in cities or in nature, are essential for biodiversity. They provide habitats for wildlife and support aquatic ecosystems, promoting ecological balance and biodiversity.

Benefits for people and nature:

Forests with rich biodiversity also benefit humans. They provide clean drinking water, protect against extreme weather, provide medical resources, recreational opportunities and enrich our culture.

Warum Aufforstung wichtig ist

Nonprofit organization

We are proud to be a non-profit organization. Every cent we collect goes directly into our planting projects. When you choose to plant a tree with us, you are making a tangible and lasting contribution to the future of our planet. 

Now it’s time to take responsibility together.

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