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From companies like Chanel to Volvo, Toblerone or Visa, countless companies are participating in reforestation projects and taking initiatives to counteract climate change. We look forward to working with you to develop a reforestation program that fits seamlessly into your existing business model. We also support you in communicating your initiative. There is no minimum donation to become a partner: every amount helps to make a difference for the environment. Find the right way to scale your environmental impact along with your business. We will keep you regularly updated on which regions your donations are going to. From the 1000th tree donated, a separate “company forest” is built which can be visited and is confirmed by a certificate.

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Product related

Planting trees is an effective way to achieve your company's sustainability goals. With every sale of your product, be it a piece of bread, a contract or an entire property,  You have the opportunity to contribute to financing a reforestation project. This allows you to actively involve your customers in this project while communicating your company values.

Lasting impact

Set up a subscription with an individually selectable amount to plant trees regularly. Make sure all employees that a tree is planted under their name every month with their salary. This makes your own “corporate forest” a foreseeable goal. Your company has the flexibility to make annual, quarterly or monthly donations, depending on your preferences and schedule.

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Special events

Together with our team, you will create a tailor-made experience. Whether  Team building, company outings or long-term projects in nature, everything is possible. Made to integrate the company values in a natural setting while doing something good for the environment. Ideal for medium-sized and large companies. 


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